A Few Differences Between a Bubbler And a Bong

A Few Differences Between a Bubbler And a Bong

Do you like to smoke quite often and are now thinking of switching to an alternative method of smoking? Well, if you are or if you have, you have probably already come across the two terms, ‘bubblers’ and ‘bongs’. So which one to buy? Which one is the best? Which one will satisfy your needs the most?

There is no simple answer to the above mentioned questions. However, there are quite a few differences that I can list out in this article for you to read and for you to decide and judge from.


The first thing, when you think of a bubbler, that comes to mind is its compact size. With a glass body the same as a bong, this baby comes with a smaller size that is meant for easier handling and its portability lets you have it with you, wherever you travel to.


When it comes to the strength of the puff you inhale, a lot of people argue that a bong has a really strong after effect to it, compared to its alternative bubbler which takes another puff to get you to the same altitude. This can be true or not but a bong does have a slight higher “dosage effect”.


When it comes to cleaning, I would personally say that a bong is relatively easier to clean compared to a bubbler. Not so much that it is easier but more like a bubbler would require more care, love and attention frequently compared to a bong.


Pricing for both of them are about the same. However, the highest prices of bongs can go to more than double the highest prices of bubblers. But this does not mean that the highest quality of glass bubblers isn’t as good.

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