Color Codes of Different Hearing Aid Batteries

Color Codes of Different Hearing Aid Batteries

If you or someone close to you is suffering from the ability to lose the hearing ability then it is time that you start gathering all kinds of knowledge about hearing aids which will make the journey easy. The thing that allows hearing aids to run is the battery that is inserted inside. The interesting thing about hearing aid batteries is that they are color coded because there are different types of batteries for the different types of hearing aids.

Every manufacturer of hearing aid is bind by law to color code the battery so that the buyers would have an easy time choosing the battery according to their personal hearing aid which is a great way to make life easy. You would first need to learn about your hearing aid devices and get its specifications and then only will you be able to buy the right kind of battery. If you are too lazy to go out to buy hearing aid batteries then you can just order them online but let us now learn about the different color codes.

Red Color

One thing that you need to know about the red colored battery is that it is not used that much. They are called 5 sized batteries and are the smallest of all and are used in power BTE hearing aids.

Yellow Color

They are yellow in color and are called size 10 batteries and are typically used in mini RITE and CIC hearing aids.

Brown Color

They are quite popular and are bought the most in US and are called 312 sized batteries. They are usually found in RITE, mini BTE and ITC hearing aids.

Orange Color

They are size 12 batteries and are typically found in BTE and ITE hearing aids.

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