Different Types of Glass Pipes

Different Types of Glass Pipes

Before you think about using a glass pipe, you need to know the basics which involve knowing the different types of glass pipes that are available. Glass pipes can be divided into 5 main categories but it is possible that you might come across variations of the types. Each type provides a different type of smoking experience so if you have never smoked from any glass pipe ever, you would find this guide useful to buy wholesale weed pipes.


It can be said that chillums are inspired by the hollow reed pipes that our ancestors used for the same purpose. If you have ever come across a chillum, you know that it looks like a hollow glass tube so which ends are used for what purpose? Chillums only use dry herbs which are placed on one end and lightened up and the smoker inhales from the other end. It is a pretty simple device and the process to use it is not complicated at all. Since the design of the chillum is compact, it cannot take a lot of amount of dry herb which means that the smoking does not go on for a long time. Before you purchase a chillum, you should know that it does not have any carburetors and its small size has an effect on the temperature.

Spoon Pipes

You would be able to easily recognize spoons pipes as they resemble actual spoons. According to smokers, they are better than chillums as they have a small bowl structure at the end where the product goes on. Another important feature of it is that it has a carburetor which has to be covered and uncovered to smoke properly in a way that the smoke does not go stale so you would need to use it a few times to get a grip on it.

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