Effective Drain Cleaning

Effective Drain Cleaning

Like most things, drains need to be serviced and maintained as well; however, the only time people give attention to their drains is when their drains stop working altogether and they have to deal with the dirty, smelly water that collects in their area. If a drain is regularly cleaned and serviced like it should be then you can rest easy knowing that your drains will never fail you but if the drains near you don’t get the attention that they need, you might wake up to a blocked drain nightmare pretty soon.

There’s a lot of stuff that gets swept into drains along with water and even though most public drains are covered with drain grates that keep the extra stuff out, some debris that get past drain grates can still get caught up in the narrow passages of a drain, resulting in blockages. Fortunately, most drain blockages can be removed with the help of drain jetting. Here are some things that cause drain blockages.


We wash an alarming amount of grease down the drains, straight from our kitchens. This grease is what collects even the finest dust particles and hardens up into blockages. However, with high pressure drain jetting and a few anti-grease solutions, grease build ups can be broken down and flushed down the drains pretty quick.

Plant Matter

Plant leaves are one of the main culprits behind blocked drains everywhere. Even though a lot of drains are covered with specially made grates that prevent leaves from entering the drains, enough plant matter can still get swept away to result in blockages.


If it’s not going into a bin, it’s going to end up in a drain somewhere. Trash such as plastics is one of the most common things found clogging up drains all around the world.

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