Mathematics is Not Being Taught The Way It Should Be

Mathematics is Not Being Taught The Way It Should Be

You know, the funniest thing is that not a lot of people actually know the true meaning of mathematics. People end up hating the subject, while in actuality, they do not even know what the subject is all about. The other day, I was reading this great mathematician’s publishing that he wrote, called Lockhart’s Lament. Paul Lockhart is a great mathematician who entirely despises the way mathematics is currently being forced down children’s throats.

Maths is Art

I know it sounds a little absurd when you read it like that, but it is true! Mathematics is not something that should be taught like a subject, but it is more like an art that children and even adults need to figure out on their own. Just like art cannot be strictly taught, there is no reason why math should be any different.

Should Maths Not Be Taught?
Well, that is definitely not the jest of what I am trying to say here. Mathematics should absolutely be a subject that should be offered everywhere. It is just that the way it is taught is all about memorizing right now, which is not what it was initially meant to be.

What is The Best Way to Learn Math?

Well, then this question comes about naturally. I would say that the best way to learn math is allowing the children to discover it for themselves. They need to come up with ways to solve a problem, rather than memorizing formulas to give the final answer. It is the journey that is very important in learning.

For Beginners

Maybe how you can unconventionally start for children is by giving them tools like coolmath4kids. These online games can be really fun for children to learn the ways of mathematics.

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