Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Business Card

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Business Card

There are so many tutorials, articles and work shops that explain what should go on a business card but many people seem to miss the memo and they pile up everything on the card which is not appealing to the eyes. We are sure that the people who are reading this article have all seen business cards once in their lives which means that you all have the basic idea of what it should look like so we really hope that none of you would go on to print a business card which is devoid of the important information or is jam packed with every bit of data about the company or firm.

We are emphasizing on the right business cards so much because business cards are one of the most crucial things that can put forward an impression of not only yourself but also your company. If you require more information about business cards and their printing then you should go to a reputable printing company that is famous for business card printing but right now, let us learn what not to do when designing your business card.

Integrate QR Code

The worst thing that you can do is make QR code a part of your business card so do not do that as it will not benefit your business at all and would just take up space. There are some fields in which QR codes work and are famous but if your business does not belong to one of those fields then forget the idea.

Dark Color And Font

Never ever try to pair up dark color with dark font or light color with light colored font because it will be a disaster, always remember that there should be a contrast.

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