What a Good Sign Should Look Like

What a Good Sign Should Look Like

They weren’t really understating anything when they say that first impressions matter and that a first impression can become the last one. Which is why it is always important to be careful when you are first meeting someone because the way you present yourself can determine how your relationship with said person will progress. The same principle applies to businesses. Regardless of whatever your business may be, the initial impression people form of your business will be what determines whether or not they want to do business with you.

People won’t know what your business is selling and they won’t find out immediately, however, you need to form an initial first impression that is strong enough to want to compel them to enter your store or office. There are potential customers and clients passing around your office/store all the time. So, the quickest way to grab your attention is to place a good business sign that peaks their interest.

A good business sign should be easy to read. So, you need to make sure that your font size and your font style is easily readable. Do not opt for a cursive font since cursive becomes difficult to read, especially from a distance. So, clean and bold lettering is important for your business sign.

Do not opt for a neon colored background or font, unless you are exclusively going for a neon sign. Neon and bright colors only end up hurting people’s eyes and makes it difficult for people to read what your business sign. Like I said before, most potential customers are just walking by, so you want them to be able to quickly read the sign and then make a split second decision of whether or not they want to enter. Total Sign Co Perth has years of experience making effective business signs and you can always consult them on the matter.

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