Why You Should Immediately Switch to E-Cigarettes

Why You Should Immediately Switch to E-Cigarettes

Some chain smokers are worried that their nicotine fill would not be satisfied if they used the electronic cigarette but the fact is that you can start off with high concentration of nicotine in the beginning and then lower it down. For our readers who smoke, we would urge them to visit this site bitrebels.com/watercooler/benefits-using-e-cigarettes and read up on their own and realize that e-cigarette is way better than the traditional ones.


There is no doubt about e-cigarettes being economic because if you buy one cartridge of the e-cigarette, it would last you as long as one pack of traditional cigarettes but it would cost you less.

No Smoke

One of the best thing about e-cigarette is that it produces no smoke, only vapor. Unlike the traditional smoke, the vapor cannot harm the environment or anyone around the person using it which is a huge benefit. The added benefit is that when you use e-cigarette, you would not have that smoke smell all over you.

Rechargeable Batteries

We all know that the flame required to light the cigarette is not good and sometimes it can be extremely dangerous because in its least dangerous form, it can burn a hole in carpets, clothes or burn the skin but at its worst if it is lit in a park or anywhere near trees, it runs the risk of starting a fire. When you use e-cigarette, you do not need any sort of flame because it is run on batteries that are rechargeable. Another great thing about e-cigarettes is that with them, you do not create a mess as you do with traditional ones.

Less Smoking

According to many surveys, when a person uses e-cigarettes, his inclination to smoke lessens over time and there comes a time when he does not wish to smoke at all.

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